divendres, 21 de febrer de 2014

Charly Triballeau

What's your name? Charly Triballeau
Age? 24
Blog? no
City of Residence: Caen, northwestern France. Here for my job. Native of Nantes.
How did you meet the Dragons? Thanks to my friend Pau that I met suring my first marathon in Barcelona in 2011, he was one of the 3h45 pacemakers.
When do you started to play sports? At 6, football to 17. And then, I started running. I started triathlon in 2012.
What is your favorite practice: triathlon, duathlon, running, cycling or swimming? Love the variety of triathlon but love marathon. Ran 7 marathons.
Which distance or sport do you like more? Love long distance races, marathon and more. It begin to be fun after 3hours of effort :)
Explain us how do you train: are you disciplined, do you have a coach, do you follow a workout plan? I follow a workout plan to prepare the competitions. During no competition periods (November > January) I train with feeling.
How many days and hours do you train on average per week? 4 days and 5 days during workouts. more or less than 10hours.
How many and what are your goals for this season? First goal, Ironman Barcelona in October, it will be my first. Pacemaker 4h for the marathon of Nantes on the 27th of April. And then, the beginning of the preparation for the Ironman. I think I'll compete some half ironmans during the preparation.
What are your strengths and weaknesses in relation to sport? My principal strenght is my job that allow me to train a lot, but sometimes when I have to work a lot, I have to train less.
What is your best time in competition? 10k: 38min in 2012. 21k: 1h34 in 2011. Marathon: 3h21 in 2013. Halfironman: 6h29 in 2013.
Is there any competition that you don’t miss ever? Why? Marathon of Nantes. because it's the marathon of my native city that I really love.
Do you have a ritual in competition? No ritual.
What is the biggest mistake you've made in a competition? All the competitions have happened as I had planned. No mistakes..